How I’ve Been Styling My Shorts

I can feel Autumn knocking on my door, so while the weather has still allowed it, I’ve been making the most of styling my shorts as much as I can. Here are seven ways I’ve styled four of some of my favourite shorts:


Shirt – H&M
Sandals – London Rag

Over my years of wearing shorts, I realised that I prefer tailored ones the most; the ones that almost look like trousers that have been cut in half. I like the way they make my outfits look smarter and more put together. This one from FableStreet is UH-MA-ZING. The fit and the colour…I just fell in love these tan shorts – which is why I styled them two more ways in this post.


Shirt – H&M
Sandals – Carlton London

I really love the way the colour of these shorts is picked up in the print of the shirt. The tan, chunky-heeled sandals add a nice finishing touch to the whole look; which was kinda giving me safari vibes. We could call this a City Safari look, perhaps? Seems fitting enough.


Top – Sisters Point
Shorts FableStreet
Sandals – ROCIA

Since gladiator-style sandals picked up again this year, I thought I’d experiment with them a bit more and see how they’d look with this wrap top. I think the whole look came out really well! I love the laid-back vibe of this entire combo. It made me feel like sitting outside in the sun and enjoying a really good book. (I didn’t end up doing that. Instead, I watched Netflix in bed.)


Blazer – H&M
Shirt – *thrifted
Loafers – *old

I cannot tell you how much I adore this outfit. It just feels like a really good representation of my style. I love a classic white button-down, a nice blazer and some great loafers. Putting them together like this made me feel like I had come back to a kind of sartorial home. There are just certain outfit combinations that bring out all the good feels, and this one was definitely one of them.


Of all the shorts that I own, these are my favourite because they actually belonged to my mom! They were the first pair of tailored shorts that I got – and the ones that ignited my love for similarly styled shorts as well. I love the high-waist, the wider cut and the length. This pair is what I keep in mind when I’m looking to buy more shorts.


This was another outfit that made me feel really good; and when you feel good, you carry yourself differently. That’s one of the powers of good styling for me. Even though I’ve been inside for weeks, this outfit made me feel like I a movie character who was living it up in a sunny, bustling city. I also love how this outfit was more neutral up-top and party down-below on my feet.


Blazer – H&M
Camisole – H&M
Shorts – H&M
Sandals – London Rag

This last one was another experiment. Sometimes, I style myself according to fictional characters that I dream of in my head. I wanted this look to represent someone who could get down to business, but in a very casual way. Cue the pairing of shorts, a blazer and some slip-on sandals. Who’s ready for a brunch meeting with me by the beach? He-he.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if there are any specific items you’d like to see me style; I’d love some styling challenges thrown my way.

My #MyntraEORS Wishlist

1. MANGO Denim Shorts
2. Oxolloxo Shorts
3. FableStreet Black Shorts
4. FableStreet Beige Shorts
1. AccessHer French Barette
2. ToniQ Red Hairband
3. ToniQ Black Hairband
4. BuckleUp Hairband
5. Kazo Embellished Hairband
6. Accessorize Embellished Hairband
7. Accessorize Off-white Hairband
8. Bellofox Beige Hairband
9. Bellofox Yellow Hairband
10. YouBella Hairband