Myntra Haul Video feat. MANGO, H&M and More

Hello there, my lovelies ❤️

At the time of filming this video, I had no clue that I was at the tail-end of having you-know-what that’s been causing havoc these past two years. I’d gotten my RAT test done and was negative and then – BAM! The very next day someone called me from the testing centre to tell me that my RT-PCR test had come back positive. I’d already been dressed to go to work that Monday morning when they called.

A major reason I had no clue that it was what it was, was because I got sick after my second dose – which I had expected to happen because I became unwell much the same way after my first dose. But, as you can see from how I was in the video, I was still very much alright considering everything.

Looking back, I am so relieved that I got fully vaccinated when I did because my symptoms were mild compared to what I’m guessing they might have been like if I hadn’t gotten both my doses. I put off uploading this video because it just felt weird at the time. I didn’t want anyone to panic or worry too much over me. The ones around me had already taken precautions as soon as I showed symptoms, and no one else tested positive so I am very grateful for the way things went because I know it could have gone a different way altogether.

Just in case you were wondering, I am completely alright. And I want to thank you all beforehand for being so wonderful and for any kind comments you may leave me.

Be well, my lovelies! x Aimesha