Myntra Haul Video feat. MANGO, H&M and More

Hello there, my lovelies ❤️

At the time of filming this video, I had no clue that I was at the tail-end of having you-know-what that’s been causing havoc these past two years. I’d gotten my RAT test done and was negative and then – BAM! The very next day someone called me from the testing centre to tell me that my RT-PCR test had come back positive. I’d already been dressed to go to work that Monday morning when they called.

A major reason I had no clue that it was what it was, was because I got sick after my second dose – which I had expected to happen because I became unwell much the same way after my first dose. But, as you can see from how I was in the video, I was still very much alright considering everything.

Looking back, I am so relieved that I got fully vaccinated when I did because my symptoms were mild compared to what I’m guessing they might have been like if I hadn’t gotten both my doses. I put off uploading this video because it just felt weird at the time. I didn’t want anyone to panic or worry too much over me. The ones around me had already taken precautions as soon as I showed symptoms, and no one else tested positive so I am very grateful for the way things went because I know it could have gone a different way altogether.

Just in case you were wondering, I am completely alright. And I want to thank you all beforehand for being so wonderful and for any kind comments you may leave me.

Be well, my lovelies! x Aimesha

10 Workwear Inspo Outfits from Pinterest

A majority of my clothes and accessories shopping has been workwear-focused over the last few months. As someone who enjoys styling outfits, I had not foreseen what a challenge it would be for me. Firstly, because workwear tends to call for more restraint; and secondly, because I, honestly, did not enjoy having to spend my money on (what seemed like) “boring” clothes.

These are not real problems, but let me indulge myself here.

My workplace calls for a balance between business casual and smart casual dressing. If you’re scratching your head just as much as I was, here’s an infographic that helped me out. Another big help – as always, when I’m stuck on ideas – was Pinterest. Here are 10 outfits I found on there that I’ve been taking inspiration from:


White shirts are an all-time staple for me, and this white mid-length shirt dress is a great extension of that. I’ve already styled the knee-length one I have here, but I’d love to get my hands on one just like in the image.


A classic blue button-down shirt is another staple for the workplace, I love this look where it’s paired with the off-white midi skirt. Super chic.


I have a shirt very similar to the one in the image, which is why I saved it. The trousers are a tad too fitted on the waist for the office, I think. But I do have beige trousers that could work to re-create this outfit.


Another blue-and-white striped shirt, this time paired with something I’m still on the hunt for: a gorgeous black mid-length pencil skirt. For me, good basics should have a really nice structure to them, and I just haven’t had any luck yet with the pieces I’ve bought (and then returned) online.


I love a good pleated midi skirt. Although, perhaps, I might not wear one as sheer as the one in the image to the office, I think the way it’s been paired with the white shirt and stilettos is perfection.


I have definitely worn a combo similar to this in the past; to the point where it’s my go-to uniform when I’ve run out of ideas, and don’t feel like wearing trousers. Midi skirts are always there to save the day time and again.


This look is my kind of outfit. Neutral, minimal, and comfortable with the low-heeled shoes. I do wear my smarter t-shirts to work, sometimes. I’ll definitely try them out in the way this outfit has been styled.


Hello again, sweater vest, my style nemesis. I had to save this image because I have a sweater vest very similar to the one in the image. I’m not sure how appropriate sleeveless pieces are for my office. But, I don’t like sleeveless stuff as much anyway, so I’d pair my sweater vest with a shirt underneath.


This is my ideal outfit for work. I get bored of wearing trousers but I never get bored of jeans; so it’s quite the saving grace that they’re allowed where I work. Smarten them up with a good ol’ button-down, a nicely cut blazer and some smart shoes and you’ve got yourself another great work uniform on hand.


This outfit is a great example of elevated basics. The scarf and gorgeous handbag have taken this cardi-jeans-ballerinas combo to the next level and I’m here for it.

If you’d like to see more outfits I’ve been loving in general on Pinterest, head over to my Outfit Inspo board!