One Thing At A Time

Multi-tasking and I? Let’s just say we’re not the best of pals, okay? I’m the kind of person who can either do one thing at a time very well or many things at once not very well – at all.

Oh sure, I can paint my nails while watching a video in the background, but recently, as a slew of bigger priorities came my way, I dropped the ball here and there. Also, I’m very bad at painting my own nails so maybe I really shouldn’t be watching renovation videos while doing it. Gorgeous decor can be very distracting.

I don’t know how people are able to keep multiple plates spinning at once. I mean, kudos to working parents, man. The only living beings I’m responsible for are my cat, my plants and myself and it feels like a lot.

I’m pretty sure to anyone looking at me from the outside, I kind of look like I’m a houseplant myself because I don’t seem to be doing much at all. It’s because my brain has taken a holiday without me. It took one look at my To-Do list, felt overwhelmed and ran away. You know that feeling though, right? You have so many things to do and end up doing nothing at all because you’re overwhelmed? Yep, same.

I was distracting myself by looking at pretty things on Pinterest when I came across a quote that said: “Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.” I don’t know about you, but that was free wisdom right there so I took it and ran with it.

One step, one thing at a time. That’s all I can do right now. That’s all anyone can do, really, according to this article on The Atlantic on why some people are better at multi-tasking than others. If you’re one of them, send me some tips, eh?

Until next time, have a good week, lovelies.

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