Making My Shirt Dress Go the Extra Mile

If you follow my Instagram page, you know how much I love me a good ol’ white button-down shirt. But how about a white button-down dress? Could it be just as versatile? Could I make it a bit more…edgy? Well, I added on a crop-top that I bought on a whim (and hardly wore) et voilà!

Photography courtesy ze boyrfriend, A.L.

I couldn’t help but feel a little bit Moira Rose-esque in this black and white combo. If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet, please do. The pilot episode didn’t hook me in the first time but by the time the show came to an end, I was bawling. A feel-good show for any anxiety-ridden fellows like myself.

Previously, I’d thought that, at most, the only thing that could go over a shirt dress was a piece of outerwear like a sweater, a blazer or a coat of some kind. Putting on a top on top of a dress wasn’t something that clicked at first until I went on Pinterest and saw a few other ladies putting on crop tops on top of their dresses. Who would’ve thought?

Seriously, you guys, if you haven’t made use of Pinterest to get some outfit inspo, try it out! It changed my game, for sure. You can find my curated board of Outfit Inspo right here.

Until next time! x

Earrings – H&M
Dress – Forever 21
Crop Top – Max Fashion
Bag – Local Shop
Shoes – NEXT

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