Too Late for Florals? Part One

Welcome to Part One of my Floral Dresses Edit

I had a couple of floral dresses just waiting to be worn but then you-know-what happened and those plans flew out the window. It may be a little late in the season but here I am in my purple floral number. Seize the leftover heat and what not.

Dress – StyleStone

HeelsMast & Harbour

I wouldn’t recommend this piece from StyleStone though. The material is just so flimsy and the structure of the design is so whack that little rips appeared in the dress after just one wear. Whomp, whomp.

I’ve got about two more floral looks coming your way so keep an eye out.

“No, Mummy. If you want me to model, please talk to my agent.”

Have a great week ahead, my lovelies.

Photography courtesy ze boyrfriend, A.L.

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