Styling ’80s Outfits with My Siblings

The ’60s, ’70s, and now the ’80s. We’re on a roll here, folks.

Man, did it take a long while to figure out my outfits for this one. Don’t ask me why it got so confusing because even I can’t tell you. In the end, I just thought to myself, “Okay, how would the folks from ‘Stranger Things’ dress?” and went from there.

T-shirt – Amazon
Skirt – Forever 21 (similar linked)
Socks – Forever 21
Shoes – Converse (low tops linked)
I was really feeling the hair, by the way. If only I had the enthusiasm to style it this way more.

Ila was with us for this one but then had to go back to her coursework after. Why so studious, La La? I’m a bad influence, aren’t I.

I was trying to jump and hit my arm on my brother’s and…yeah. Ouch.

Cue Part II.

I went far out with the orange socks and silver flats combo but I like it! I’ll definitely be styling more of my socks this way with different shoe pairings.

We had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment but I won’t be showing you the moment after this one because our skirts were flying.
DressForever 21

We’ll be trying out the ’90s next and I think that will be our last hurrah in this ‘Styling Different Decades’ series. If you have any other themes you’d like to see us try, let me know!

See ya later!

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