Not Saving the Best for Later

I used to be the kind of person who would buy some really great wardrobe pieces but never “had the occasion” to wear them. From clothes to shoes and jewellery, I just kept telling myself I would wear them later when the time presented itself… but those times hardly ever came.

I mean, it could also be because I went to a school that required us to wear a uniform so I never had the daily opportunity to let my sartorial wings fly. Then college happened and those pieces came out of the closet – so to say.

The grey short coat with slightly puffed sleeves that made me feel like I was Maria from ‘The Sound of Music’? Wore it. Funky ankle socks with heeled brogues? Wore them. A grunge tee with my black and white vertical striped jeans? Check!

I was experimenting almost daily, trying to get the use out of all my stuff. I still remember a friend of mine saying to me once, “I look forward to seeing what you come dressed as everyday.” Noice.

My experimentation with different styles does get a reaction from people. I’ve been told I looked like I was dressed like a nun to another time being called a goth (it was the theme of my sister’s birthday and I had to go straight to dinner from classes so I dressed theme and went to class that way).

No matter what people say (especially if it’s something negative) and no matter how many stares I get, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass. If what I’m wearing makes me feel good and I’m not spilling out (ya know what I mean), I’m going to keep wearing it. Most people react positively though, so that’s fant-ass-tic.

So, what’re you saving your best pieces for? There’s no greater occasion for them than the occasion of actual life, my people. No regrets.

Hat – H&M
Sweater – Honey by Pantaloons
Longline Cardigan – Forever 21
Jeans – Ether by Myntra
Belt – H&M
Boots – H&M

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