A Longed-for Outfit Come True

It was years ago and I was scrolling through Collage Vintage‘s latest Street Style post when I came upon an outfit that just struck me. I saved the image to my phone and would keep looking back to it and wonder if I would ever find a similar sweater and skirt.

Ze dream outfit.
Sweater – Marks and Spencer (sold out)
Skirt – Lulu & Sky
Boots – NEXT (old)

It took me about two years, but God dammit, find them I did. The skirt I happened upon by chance during one of Lulu & Sky’s banger sales. The sweater – oh Lord, the beautiful Fair Isle sweater that had the same colour scheme – is by Marks & Spencer.

I freakin’ love the outfit. I know the pieces don’t have the exact fit as those in the original image but I just adore the look anyway – plenty of space to hide the food baby, ya know.

Mavis is probably wondering why the hell I’m walking back and forth in the same spot with my sister sometimes lying on the ground to take my pictures.

To think that I almost didn’t buy the sweater makes me sweat a little bit because it was one of the last pieces in stock. I’ve learned my lesson of not buying something in the sales that I really, really wanted and then it just disappears forever; the design never to be found again. It happened once with a gorgeous pair of indigo cigarette pants and it still haunts me to this day.

Me thinking about those now sold-out indigo trousers. I didn’t carpe that diem, fam.

Thank you for stopping by! Byeeee…

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