Styling My Boyfriend’s Varsity Jacket 3 Ways

It was cold, I didn’t have enough outerwear and I became the cliché of a woman having to take her boyfriend’s jacket because my teeth were chattering. But I really was cold, okay? It wasn’t a move.

The only move I made afterwards was to hijack his jacket and style it three ways. Why? Because as someone once said to me, “It is of the because.” A good reason as any, if I do say so myself. So here are three looks styled using my boyfriend’s jacket with links to whatever items I could find in the captions.

No, he didn’t know I was going to do this when he handed the jacket to me. Surprise!

Look #1

With Look #1, I was inspired by the show ‘Derry Girls’ and their uniforms; although of course I’ve kinda fancied it up a bit. I don’t have any checkered skirts anymore so the frilly one will have to do.

Jacket – Campus Sutra via
Shirt – Vero Moda
Skirt – Honey by Pantaloons
Shoes – Old

Look #2

I was kinda going for a ‘Gossip Girl’ look with Look #2. Preppy but high school, if you catch my drift. The headband especially makes me feel that one step closer to Blair Waldorf.

Jacket – Campus Sutra via
Top – Forever 21
Skirt – Forever 21
Heels – Get Glamr via

Look #3

Helen Anderson is one of my favourite British bloggers/YouTubers and she has this very rock & roll aesthetic that inspired Look #3. She’s a total badass and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to exactly replicate her, so I’ll have to settle for being a half-badass.

Jacket – Campus Sutra via
T-shirt – Zara
Skirt – Besiva via
Boots – H&M

Well, this has been quite a different styling challenge for me but I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading!

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