Why I Have An Account with (Almost) Every Major Social Media Platform

I remember this one time in college when a guy giving a talk (about what, I can’t recall) nonchalantly chuckled and said, “I mean, who doesn’t have a Facebook account?” Me. I didn’t have one at the time. Though it made me wonder if I was missing out on something.

T-shirt – Forever 21
Trousers – Next via Myntra.com
Shoes – Truffle Collection

I had a Facebook account in school, but I just didn’t see the point so I shut it down. It didn’t bother me one winkle-doodle-doo. But you see, there’s another human walking this earth with the exact same name as me who did have a Facebook account – amongst others – and, hence, arose a problem: people were adding her to their Friends List thinking she was I.

This was happening across other social media platforms as well but the one thing that really pushed me over the edge was when my name doppelganger posted a picture of herself and a guy in the middle of PDA and the post was shared with one of my closest friends with a message implying that they didn’t know I was that kind of girl. Now, I’m not a prude and people can post whatever sets their hearts on fire but COME ON.

I was about to graduate and I began to fear that prospective employers were going to do an online search of me and mistake me for being someone and something I was not. So, I bit the bullet and I had to create accounts with my real name everywhere with a Display Picture actually showing my face.

You can basically say that I’ve had to make accounts on every major social media platform because I began to realize that my image was now at stake. I could not afford to not have an account almost everywhere because we’re living in a world where your reputation and your image are not benefitted or hindered just through word-of-mouth anymore, but also through your online presence as well. And to all that, all I can say is ยกAy, caramba! The pitfalls of being a social animal.

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