Autumn is Here and I’m Pumped

What is it about autumn that makes me feel more mellowed? Maybe it’s a sub-conscious reaction from when I was back in school and knew that freedom wasn’t far away. Also, hello? Christmas? Yasss, bring on the pastries.

Shirt – The San Francisco Jeans Co. via Pantaloons
JeansRoadster via
(I cut the bottoms off because I wasn’t into the rings detail.)
Shoes – Forever 21

Also, dressing for fall is so much nicer. The chillier breeze hasn’t really settled into town yet. I don’t need a sweater in the day as much as in the evening, but I do look forward to more layers, more textures and more neutral colours.

I was in Delhi recently and have “fall-en” (get it?) in love all over again with H&M. Their fall-winter collection is divine. I need all their trousers and sweaters. I’m not wearing H&M in the images but let me tell you, I have been inspired and I’m thinking of styling some of my H&M bits for this season in a video. Maybe.

Also, UNIQLO is in India now. I mean, expensive, but have you seen their rainbow offerings in the basics section? I have been known to Google images of their shop floors because their displays can be so colourful. I didn’t have a chance to stop by after their recent opening but I have my fingers crossed for another time hopefully coming soon.

Oh heyyy, UNIQLO. Don’t take too long opening your e-commerce site, ey?
*Bank account cries in Japanese*
UNIQLO is a Japanese brand.

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