When it comes to horror films, I am a wuss. Call it an over-active imagination, but just the glimpse of a scary poster and I can kiss a good night’s sleep goodbye.

For the people that do enjoy them: HAW? How do the images and sounds leave your minds afterwards? I still can’t muster up the courage to watch ‘Get Out’ by myself. Speaking of courage, flashbacks of ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ still freak me out.

Remember this creep?


How in the actual hell did I watch this as a young girl?

Horror movies make me so curious and I envy people who can sit through them without being traumatized for the next few weeks afterwards. I have a friend we call ‘Boo’ who loves horror films. Her nick-name is fitting of the genre, no?

Maybe with the arrival of the autumn season, I can cozy down, grab my cat, and finally be able to watch one without another person to grab on to. Until then, ‘Supernatural’ is my limit. I can’t believe that show is coming to an end. An absolute HORROR.

Hat – A gift that I hijacked.
T-shirt – Next
Jeans – Forever 21
Shoes – Hummel

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