Hello, there!

If you were a recent viewer of my Haul video, you may have seen how beautiful the sunset was in the hyperlapse at the end of it. Shillong has recently seen some gorgeous sunsets and it was quite funny seeing how many of us in the neighbourhood were out on our terraces and balconies taking pictures. How could we not when they looked like this:

I didn’t have to edit any of the pictures I took that day and I returned to them over and over again because the colours were just so beautiful. So inspired was I by the colours of that sunset, in fact, that I decided to use those colours and make an outfit featuring them.

Et voila! Cue the boyfriend saying, “You bought the shoes to run in and now you’re using them for fashion? :-/” I was sweating so much jumping around, so you could say I combined both exercise and FASHUN, love.

T-shirt – Next
Pants – CODE by Lifestyle (old)
Shoes – Hummel

Also, I took the photos of my outfit by my own self so the weird poses came out. Music was blaring, tea had been had, and my inhibitions apparently disappeared.

I’m just so grateful for the power that nature has to humble us. I mean, there the sunset was, literally ablaze with glory and then there I was hopping around in my room like a wee mad mountain goat. Silly.

Anyone else watching ‘Derry Girls’ on Netflix? Because the whole ‘wee’ thing is quite catchy. I love the Irish accent.

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