You Won’t Be Everyone’s Cup of Tea – and That’s Alright

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“This and that person doesn’t like me.” “They don’t think that the way I talk or dress is good enough.” “They think I’m too much of this or too much of that.” Oh, woe is me! To all that I say BLEGH.

Whether you‘re alright with yourself is the more important thing. I am definitely someone who picks myself apart more than anyone else. Too sensitive they say – as if that’s a negative.

Let me tell you something: I do care a lot about too many things perhaps, but that’s only made me a more passionate and observant person and for that, I am glad. Not everyone is going to like everyone. It’s like saying that one likes every variety of tea and that’s just silly. (I don’t like green tea, by the way – don’t @ me.)

Another analogy here: You are like a biscuit (I’m trying to relate all this to tea time, but stay with me here.) There are sweet plain biscuits, cream biscuits, savoury biscuits, what-have-you biscuits. There is variety for a reason. We won’t all like the same thing and that’s fine. But, respect your neighbour who prefers a different biscuit with their chosen variety of tea. That is, of course, unless they’re trying to shove the tea and biscuits down your throat. That’s just not polite.

I’ve noticed that for some people – those who are very unhappy with themselves – will not like you no matter how good of a person you are. They have a whole store of every kind of biscuit, and yet they’ll find fault with whichever choice you make. Those people are toxic and should never matter. Leave them alone. They’re in their own blackhole and you shouldn’t go near its perimeter.

So, if you know in your heart of hearts that you’re a good and kind person doing your best, then you should be your own delicious cup of tea. I, myself, am working on that as well. Comparison truly is the thief of joy (And my main cause of anxiety); and I will say *insert expletive* off to trodding on myself because of anyone else when I know that I am a good person. You are good enough.

If you want to be millenial about it, go take a selfie and shout, “I love you!!!” at it. ‘K, byeeee.

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