Into the West

Hello, hello!

Guess who’s going to be watching ‘The Lion King’ for a second time later. That’s right, it’s me, ya gurl. I went last week as a way of celebrating a relationship milestone and it was purr-fect (a pun, oh wow).

Hat – Forever 21
Hair-extention – Old, I can’t remember where I got it from, honestly
T-shirt – H&M
Jeans – Thrifted
Belt – Old,
Boots –

I was not looking forward to a certain tear-jerker moment in the film – we all know the one. I didn’t cry though! Am I dead inside? Hello? Also, why are there never any French Fries at a certain cinema? They shouldn’t even be on the menu if there’s no chance we can get them.

Anyway, as for the outfit: I had the hat, I hardly wear it; so I banged it out and put it on my noggin’. Same for feather hair-extension. Everything else came after.

This blog is quickly becoming a good excuse for putting on things I don’t have anywhere else to justify. Enzoi, and have a great week ahead, guys.

This is my little fake plant, Barbara – because she has barbs. Get it? 😉

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