From the Conference to the Tropics

It’s right old funny, me talking about dressing for an office conference because, currently, I don’t work in one; but, when the outfit inspiration hits, I just run with it.

T-Shirt – Forever 21
Shorts – Vero Moda
Bag – Van Heusen
Shoes – *Gift, kudos to Big Momma Rose*

A bit of a catch up – and also an explanation as to why I just seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth for a while: June and July have mostly been filled with final exams prep and packing to move back home. I’ve finally finished off with my Event Management course. Whether it’s something I’m moving forward with is a bit up in the air. However, I am graduating at the top of my class, so, hooray!

Shirt – Ginger by Lifestyle Stores
Shorts – Vero Moda
Slides – Rag and Co.

As for the outfits, I was thinking about what someone who was away at the conference would wear if they had sessions in the day and then outings in the afternoon. I mean, obviously, this “someone” is from a creative industry because I can’t imagine any other kind of line would really allow for a T-shirt and smart shorts combo.

It’s been nice being back home. I do miss my friends from there and the conveniences of Bangalore (Swiggy, come back to Shillong, puh-lease), but also, I’ve just missed having space. Shillong is “BAE” (I’m sorry for being that person).

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