Am I Adulting Right?

Uh…so the photographs in this post don’t have a direct correlation with what I’m going to talk about but since this is a personal style as well as lifestyle blog, I figured you might be here for more than just my words. Okay.

Top – Forever 21
Necklace – Accessorize
Belt –H&M
Jeans – Thrifted
Shoes – Forever Glam

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m the ripe old age of twenty-seven years old (I’ll be twenty-eight in April – help). Aaaand I thought I’d have my ish together by now but I feel like I’ve only just begun. It doesn’t help either when I start to compare myself to my peers.

I have classmates who are now deep-seated in their jobs and relationships. Some of them are married and even have kids. These days, you can’t even avoid finding out stuff like that because of social media.

The people I’ve “reconnected” with over the last few years have shown me how vastly different we’ve each grown; and I try not to compare their journeys to mine. Sometimes, it works. Most times, I can’t help it – especially when it comes to work.

I’ve had a few jobs. Coming from a media background, I’ve seen how work can fluctuate; with many of the people that I know having busy periods and stagnant ones, constantly moving from one thing to another, or if they’re really good:  being involved in multiple projects at the time.

However, the definition of a “job” – a 9-to-5 one that involves being at a desk – that I grew up with is different to the one that I’ve experienced; which is why the ones that I’ve had have felt more like fleeting assignments than proper jobs.

The year-long Event Management course that I’m pursuing at the moment is almost at an end. I can smell the scent of job interviews on the horizon. The pursuit of a job you love, and not just like, that does not make you want to cry before you sleep is NOT easy, people. I will not give up; and, by God, neither will you. You hear me? There is space for all of us. A’ight.

Me, running away from responsibilities.

14 thoughts on “Am I Adulting Right?

  1. In life, some make it at an early age while others find their passion at a later stage. It doesn’t really matter. One should not lose heart but stay focus and never regret. Don’t even compare with others- to each his own. I feel that one should appreciate those who dared not to follow the usual career path as there’s a life full of adventure. I wish you all the best😘😘


  2. You’ve matured through the years before I could remember. I can’t believe how much you inspire others through the blog but you have mine. You’re a doer 😍. Don’t stop what you love doing that is writing and dressing so elegantly, you turn peoples heads when you enter that’s because you do it so well.God has really blessed you. You’ve come a long way and I’m so proud of you ❤. Keep inspiring.


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