Hello There


Well, howdy.

Starting a blog has been a want of mine for a while but, damn son, it’s not as easy as it looks; with having to choose between the many options that are out there for creating your own website. I mean, Ownership, Plug-ins, Customization flexibility… Eep.

Welp, let me introduce myself: My name is Aimesha. You can call me Aime (pronounced Eye-May), if you’d like. I’m twenty-seven years old – I know, I don’t look like it. Saves me some money on wrinkle-creams, I guess? Wa-hey!

I’m from the beautiful region of Shillong, in the North-East of India, although I’m currently in Bangalore for a diploma course. People keep asking me why I chose this place but that’s something to talk about for another time.

Until my next post, ciao. No. That was  – ew. Just – byeeee *virtual wave*.

6 thoughts on “Hello There

  1. Hi, Aimee! I’m loving your blog already, wishing you a successful career in whatever you do 😘🌼🍉


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